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Our mission is to provide a positive and safe environment that inspires students to become responsible, well-rounded, civic-minded, global thinkers who are equipped with 21st century skills and are prepared for the academic rigors of high school and future challenges.
Study Skills
Instructor: Ms. Stenerson   
3rd Marking Period Assignment
Hello Parents!
I just wanted to give you a heads up that students are currently working on an in-class essay based on the life of Malala Yousafzai. Students will be using information we gathered from non-fiction articles, documentaries and class discussion to form a five paragraph essay. Students will be using their skills developed from our class- time management, note-taking, prioritizing, and planning to complete their essay! The essay is due 3/17. I have enjoyed watching them grow and develop these skills and now to see them apply it has been amazing!! If you have any questions, please let me know.

I also want to remind parents and students that Ms. Cabrera and I run the Homework Club after school. I am here every day except Wednesday for students. Please feel free to send your child if they need homework help or even some organizational assistance!


Marjorie O'Connell
Welcome Back Parents and Students!
Hello Everyone and welcome back to a fantastic new school year!
If you are noticing a different last name on your schedule, rest assured it is me- just married (my eighth graders can share all about that!). I hope you are enjoying the rest of your summer. I have been working hard to make this year an amazing one full of new goals to achieve. This year, students will be focusing on the motto of "Never Give Up." Often times when life and school get to be too much, we tend to feel defeated and give up- well not this year. We will be working more on organizational tools, study strategies, reading and writing strategies, and improving our working memory to help us retain information!
For those of you seventh graders coming in, this is not just a study hall. Our class is broken up into segments. We have time for homework, but we also learn ways to improve ourselves to be better students and lifelong learners. We work on managing our time better. You will love this class!

For parents looking for Back to School supplies, please reference this list:
1 and 1/2 inch binder
Pencil case (pouch to place in binder)
a folder that is hole punched to place in binder (this is a homework folder for all classes)
a pack of pencils to donate to the class * (we tend to go through many pencils, our current 8th graders did the math! If you would like to donate, please consider it. The kids will appreciate it!)
Ear buds

I look forward to seeing you all in September! Rest up and be ready for a great year!


Mrs. O'Connell
(the artist formally known as Ms. Stenerson wink)

Unit 6 Research Project
Hello Parents!
We are getting close to the end of the year. We are beginning our last major class assignment- a research paper and presentation. This will take place throughout this month and next. All work is to be completed in class. This is the ultimate demonstration of the skills the students have learned this year. They will be able to demonstrate the following:
-working with due dates
-breaking down a larger assignment
-managing class time to balance other work and the project
-writing strong paragraphs using evidence to support their thinking
-talking with peers about their work
-editing and revising
-reading nonfiction
-organizing their materials

...I can keep going, but I think you get it! Students will be graded for their paper, the presentation, and their use of class time throughout the project. Students will keep materials organized in their Google Drive as well as in the class room. Ask your child what their topic is! Stay tuned for more updates!
Unit 4 Test: Review of Essential Skills March 31-April 1
Hello Students and Parents!
The assessment for Unit 4: Review of Essential Skills will take place Thursday 3/31 and Friday 4/1. This is an application based assessment. Students will begin with the open-ended response on Thursday and complete the rest of the assessment Friday. We will be reviewing major concepts again next week leading up to the assessment.

smiley- Ms. S
Update from the Classroom!
In our classroom both grades 7 &8 are learning about priorities. They are determining what is important academically- focusing on difficulty of assignments, length of projects, and also focusing heavily on due dates. Students discussed today what priorities are important to them outside of their school work. I was extremely pleased with their responses. Please feel free to talk with your children this week about prioritizing and ask them to apply their skills to their own homework agendas. It's been a fun process to watch them hone in on this important life skill many of us adults are still managing!

There will be a quiz on Monday reflecting their application of this skill. :)


Ms. S
Unit 3 Nonfiction Test 2/19
We will be having an application based assessment on our nonfiction unit Friday 2/19. Please make sure to review how to create topic sentences and using text evidence to support your ideas. Be able to identify text features and types of nonfiction. Using your quarter 2 study guide will be beneficial. Please find it on here or on Google Classroom.

-Miss S.
Supply Check Monday
We are officially half way through the school year. Students, please make sure you are bringing your agenda binder home and to school each day. I will be checking Monday for your binder and your homework folder.
Quarterly Rescheduled
I hope you all are enjoying the snow day! I'm drinking some coffee and watching Dexter (my fur child) run around. I got my work out in yesterday shoveling out my car. Anyways, due to the snow day today, our quarterly will be rescheduled to Friday, January 29. Study guide is posted to both Fusion and Google Classroom. Students may use articles from their binder until we meet tomorrow. I will hand them out a practice article they can use for the study guide.


-Miss S.
Quarterly on Thursday, Jan 28, 2016
Hello Students and Parents!
Our quarterly for marking period 2 will be on Thursday, Jan. 28. Students will be reviewing for this application based assessment on Wednesday. I will be posting a review to Google Classroom. This will be based on nonfiction, creating a topic sentence and using evidence from the text to support their reasoning.

Enjoy the snow this weekend!

Ms. S
Project Overview Parent Signature Needed
Metacognition Project Due 1/5
Please review the paper they are bringing home and sign it. I will also post a copy of it to Google Classroom if students need to print it out.
This project is a culmination of our skills we have learned during Unit 2 as well as organizational and planning skills we have been using in our class since September. This will be a classwork project unless students do not use their class time appropriately.
Study Skills Quarterly Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015
Parents and Students,
The quarterly for Study Skills will take place Thursday, Nov. 12. A review has been posted to Google Classroom. Please review your notes in your agenda binder as well as the guide online. We will discuss the test and study guide this Wednesday. Please be aware I will be allotting time next week for you to study for your upcoming quarterlies and our assessment next Thursday. If you have questions, please email me.
Quiz Friday!
In our Study Skills class we will be having a quiz Friday, October 2nd on managing time and priorities.

Students can review handouts from class to prepare.

-Miss S
Thank you!
Thank you for those who were able to come out to Back to School Night! It was great to meet all of you!
Welcome to a brand new school year! I will be here to keep you organized throughout the school year. I look forward to working with all of you (students, colleagues, and most importantly- PARENTS). We will be using Edmodo for our class projects, assignments, and homework help.

Students will be recieving their access codes for Edmodo the first week of school.

Questions? Email me!
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